My name is Ally Hill.  I’m an artist living in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  I’ve had a passion for creating art my whole life.  My mother was an art teacher for most of my childhood, and I would sit in on her classes every chance I got.  Ever since I can remember, I would spend hours every day curled up with my sketchbook and pencil, recalling the lessons I’d learned from her classes.  I drew everything, from my favorite cartoon characters to detailed still-life drawings.  Although I didn’t much like coloring books, I often drew pictures for my friends to color.  I never thought seriously about painting until I was in my early 20s.  My husband got a travel-sized guitar for his uncle, and wanted me to paint something on it as a surprise.  So I bought a few tubes of acrylic paint from the craft store, and I was hooked!

I began to see art in a whole new way.  Where drawing is like a compelling, well-reasoned speech, painting is a song.  All my years of creating art with pencil, ink, and charcoal gave me a deep understanding of shades, shapes, and composition to help me open up a colorful new world.  At first, I stuck to realistic representations such as portraits; I tried to match the colors exactly to the photos I was using.  But soon, I was using color in a way that I never thought of before.  I became inspired by artists such as Emily Garcés and others, to find vibrant colors within the subject, and draw them out onto the canvas.  My favorite thing to paint is the beauty of nature, particularly animals.  I think that one can really sense the essence of the living thing, and I want to show that in my painting.  The reds and blues, teals and purples, greens and pinks called out to be released from within each plant and creature.  I couldn’t get enough of painting.  I needed more.

I resolved to paint one thousand paintings.  1,000 is a significant number in many different cultures and societies, and brings me a strong sense of purpose to put so many pieces of art into the world.  Each painting has a lesson to teach, a step forward in my journey, and a new way to look at things. I hope that others enjoy sharing my work, because I love making it!  I also hope to be inspiring to people who want to create their own thousand of whatever work is important to them.  Please join me in my journey of one thousand works!

I sell originals and prints of my work, and happily do commissions.  Please email me if you are interested in one of my original pieces.

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