Painting #38 – Owl

Painting #38 – Owl



Look at this fella.  He’s a guy who takes life seriously.  And he probably corrects everyone’s grammar.

I painted this owl for a charity silent auction about a year ago.  I wanted to try something a little different from the paintings I usually do, so I put most of the color on with a pallet knife.  I mixed the paint with a heavy medium to give it extra texture, and added some gold paint for pizzazz.  The results are a little kooky, but not bad.  If I were to do something similar next time, I would probably make the background more muted, and save the heavy texture for the owl.

The worst part was at the charity event, waiting for the auction results to be announced.  I was so worried that nobody would want it at all, and I would be forced to take it back home like some sort of participation trophy.  Luckily for my self-esteem, someone bid about $30 at the auction.  I never did find out who bought it, but I hope that they’re enjoying the painting, wherever they are.

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